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Dentures are removable oral appliances that replaces the missing teeth.  Complete Denture replaces all missing teeth. When only few teeth are missing, partial removable dentures are made.  If an extraction is needed, generally we wait for few weeks for the gums to heal. You will remove them each night to allow them to soak in a cleansing solution. 

Dentures support the lips and facial muscles and prevent sagging which make us look younger while helping us chew better and are beneficial for health and nutrition. 

Immediate Dentures: When front teeth are involved and need extraction, we cannot wait for the gums to heal and then make the denture for esthetics reasons. We opt for Immediate Denture as a temporary solution. A mold of teeth and jaw are made. Laboratory arbitrarily makes the dentures by removing teeth from the mold. The dentures are inserted on the same day the front teeth are extracted. 

Implant Supported Dentures: Dental Implants can be used with dentures to hold them more securely to the jaw. They provide a much better fit, greater stability and retention. Dental Implants are connected to base of the dentures by connections making it removable and cleanable.


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